Beat the 2018-2019 Flu Season

The 2017-2018 seasonal flu was the worst flu in decades, according to the CDC. In fact, it was the first flu season to be classified as a high severity across all age groups. Last year's flu activity began to increase in November and remained elevated through March. With the 2018-19 flu season approaching quickly, you need to take the proper steps to ensure you remain healthy this year. 

  • Get the flu vaccine. Becoming vaccinated against the flu is the best chance of preventing illness.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick and stay away from others when you feel under the weather.
  • Wash your hands often using soap and very warm water to protect against germs.
  • Get plenty of sleep, stay physically active and drink plenty of water to keep your immune system strong.
  • Manage your stress and eat a nutritious diet rich in healthy grains, fruits, vegetables and fiber.

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